Frequently Asked Questions

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How far does WiFi Signal reach?

3000 sq ft depending on barriers and placement of AP.

How many users can be online at one time?

You can comfortably have 50-100 simultaneously connected, but if everyone is streaming a netflix show you will see a decrease in speeds.

Can I limit Bandwidth?

Yes. You can raise or lower your bandwith so customer don't overstress your system or slow others down.

Can you block users from network?

If you see a particular user that you want offline, you can kick them off but there is no way for us to stop them from logging on again with a different email or login method.

Are we PCI compliant? (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)

Yes, all transactions are processed over a SSL Encrypted server.

Are we GDPR compliant?

Yes, all the data belongs to you. We do not share your customers data with anyone but you.

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