Wi-Fi Is An Untapped Opportunity.

Stop paying for wifi and getting nothing in return. Nutshell Wifi is the all in one marketing platform built for any size business.

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Customer Experience Starts Here

Create a beautifully branded sign-in page that your guests will see when they login to your free WiFi network.

Grow Your Customer Base

When your guests connect to your free WiFi, you will capture their email address, social media profile, phone number, and so much more.

Automated Marketing

As guests connect and disconnect from your WiFi, send automated SMS & email messages to keep them engaged and coming back.

NEW Real-Time Marketing

Our real-time marketing (RTM) allows you to send the most relevant and personalized messages to guests when you want.

The Most Powerful Tools On The Market

NEW Send Real-Time SMS & Email Message

Send direct messages to every guest currently online.

Marketing Automation

Automate marketing to get your guests back.

NEW Scheduled Marketing Messages

Schedule monthly newsletters, specials and promotions.

Email Marketing

Engage with your contacts and drive more sales.

Meet Your Guests in Analytics & Reports

Get to know the customer you see each day with Nutshell WiFi. You'll have the ability to track everything from number of visits, screen size, marketing messages and more.

Customer Insight Reports

Learn customer behaviors and demographics with all of our reports and analytics.

Demographic Reports

Get to know your customers age range, gender, how often they visit and more.

Know Your Business

Get valuable insight such as busiest day, busiest time, how many new vs returning customers you have and more.

NEW Busiest Day Of The Week

Strategize marketing messages to send out on the slow days.

NEW Busiest Time Of The Week

Be prepaired for your busiest hours to simplify your day.

NEW User Loyalty

Increase your customer loyalty and drive business.

New Vs Returning Customers

See direct results of your marketing messages by tracking your return rate.

Through The Power Of Integrations

Integrations allow for an added layer of customizations to help automate free Wi-Fi marketing campaigns.

"Generate relevant and engaging content and above all, increase viewability. Demonstrate scrum masters and try to innovate. Funneling a holistic approach with a goal to create a better customer experience."

Frequently Asked Questions

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